Net Positive Desalination

A solution by Net Positive submitted to Sustainable Food Systems- Access to (qualitative & nutritious) food

We design desalination technology for governments to for agriculture and cities.

(Pitched: 19/04/2018)

One Page Summary

We have developed the only large-scale solution to global drought. We can save hundreds of cities around the world from running out of water or food while changing the global infrastructure. We contract with governments to build our tech. We are working on generating funds to hire a consultant who is specialized in government contracts. There is no technology that is similar to ours at the scale that we build. Our technology and the entire process is new, more efficient and has several benefits than any other system in the world has.

Generally speaking, there are no companies that are working to solve global drought. It is a complicated and technical problem that few companies have the knowledge to fix. We have spent several years understanding the issues in order to build the best solution possible in order to help the most people while upgrading the global infrastructure.