Native Senda Accessible Ecosystem

A solution by Hearing Software, S.L. submitted to Tourism for all

Integral chain for accessible tourism, from a hyper accessible web platform to endure a better enjoyment of travel and leisure time for customers with special needs

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

Between 600 and 1.000 million people with special needs allows us to understand that the most flagrant apartheid in history is currently happening today, causing undesirable situations for the personally concerned people and for local, regional and national administrations also. Talking about Accessible Tourism, is not very practical to invest in partial and regional App´s working with different criteria, different îcones, different colors among them. To create solutions just for Paris, just for Bretagne or even just for France oblige the users to download different applications each time they cross a border. And being travelers… borders must not make more difficult our itinerary. Many users are fed up and decide not to download dozens of app´s in their devices, because they are not so practical than they should be. We know some dramatic examples of some expensive platforms finally abandoned, financed with public or private money.