A solution by UNBELDI' submitted to Security in the city!

Safety=Knowledge. Simple equivalence which founds the project that brings us to address a collective space to this process. A square equipped to welcome every kind of activity,every exchange,every voice existent in the district.Here voices can meet each other, can listen to each other and can tell about it-self. Poetic break in a district that finds its garden and a face to face communication.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

Piazzale Giordano Bruno (or inside court of Factory Grisù) at the moment is a non defined public space, but can gain a clear and functional urban identity with this projectual proposal. A dodecagonal cone section talks with an inclined plan which has the typical "arena" morphology, with steps. At the base of the maximum height of the arena an hollow space has been designed to bookcrossing, while, an interactive station, placed in a hidden pocket, is dedicated to reading/listening of multimedia texts or at their sound diffusion through amplifiers fixed inside the cone, already natural amplifier for its geometric shape.

The multimedial totem would allow the access to the bookstore to people with visual deficit, while the parterre would be accessible to all disabled people thanks to the ramp.
At the base of a single/bi-seat stage and a parterre, books, the speech, the voice, the dialogue.
The cone section, the covered stage, will be realised with scraps of natural wooded board(ex: teak, lpè, ash wood), choosen among durable materials, resistant to the wear of time and atmospheric agents, in order to create a patchwork of colors with a natural texture.
The pavement and the steps will be realized with non treated larch wood, particularly suitable for outdoor plank floorm with almost absent maintenance costs.
The pavement is infrastructured for the underneath utilities (elecricity and connectivity) through the arrangement of some hidden cable trays and a proper electrical panel to allow allow the carrying out of different activities such as video projections, amplification, increased lighting, etc.

Lighting of the whole area is intended to be with led lamps powered by a own solar panels placed along a formal central passageway through the parterre leading us to the covered part of the square (polyhedron). Furthermore we plan to instal a Wi-Fi station to cover all area, this station powered by solar panel too.

The hierarchy of the square is owned by the audience it-self: the voice of the speaker (or 2 speakers) amplified by the cone tells about it-self to the square, vice versa the audience sound reaches the single listener. The direction of the communicative flow is not important compared to the need to create a dialogue supporting, collecting and protect that sound.

The urgency on theme of safety is due to the perception of a discomfort caused by degradation and incivility which generate fear. We propose an alternative strategy, based on the engagement of an active population who owns public spaces, using them and projecting them with their activities, daily. The constant attendance of these places includes spontaneus supervision bringing a sens of belonging wich generates social involvement and inclusion. The respect and the defense of belonging place are the result of the entire project. The spuntaneus supervision, the belonging feeling and the care of this place by people are the values on which our projectual proposal basis it-self.

The solution has not been tested or implemented in another contest.

The strong point are those of an artistic installation that is sufficiently solid, not exposed to vandalism, with almost absent maintenance costs, which gives the opportunity to create new forms of communication in parcs and public spaces, as it happened for the Speakers' Corners in Hyde Park in London. Possible points of weakness are the fact to be isolated or not utilised, for this reason is necessary to identify young people or citizens who keep this area alive starting new realtionships taking advantage of the beauty and the innovation of the artistic installation. This is why it presents it-self not only as an artistic installation but as a way of art bringing sociality and safety.