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A solution by Intellia ICT submitted to Izibac: learning made fun

HoloLearn is an adaptable augmented reality platform that plans to improve the learning experience of students by providing them with advanced rich-media content. The platform consists of a mobile application for tablets and smartphones and a web administration portal that allows the instructors to create dynamic educational scenarios and upload 3D and multimedia content.

(Pitched: 19/04/2018)

One Page Summary

HoloLearn is a unique learning platform that aims at developing an adaptable a mobile solution that will transform high school education into a pleasant, multimedia, gamified experience based on augmented reality (AR) technology and holograms.

The proposed educational toolkit will consist of two parts:

a) HoloLearn mobile application for Android smartphones and tablets. The application will be based on Augmented Reality technologies to optimally present educational content to the user in the form of holograms. The application will be capable of detecting QR-codes and present relevant information to the user. Information will be retrieved fully dynamically by the network using the URL obtained by scanning the QR-code. The content can range from 3D models and animations, videos and images, 3D texts or any other kind of multimedia content. The data will be correlated with QR-codes using the HoloLearn administration web portal.

b) HoloLearn administration portal. It will be a web portal where the supervisor of an educational scenario may upload any kind of multimedia content of her choice. This content will be accessed on-demand by all the users of the mobile application via a multimedia server. Each time the user uploads new content, this will be uploaded in a multimedia server and a new QR-code will be generated. Then, the user of the administrator portal can just print the QR-code and place it in the actual space where an educational session would like to take place (e.g., the classroom). The user of the administration portal can be any teacher that would like to create a new educational scenario for his students or any student assigned with specific privileges that may allow him/her to create a new learning experience.

Practically, taking advantage of these tools, the students will be able to participate in multiple learning sessions by simply installing one mobile application to their smartphone or tablet. In practice, all students may participate in collaborative scenarios that their teachers could have simply created some days before using the administration portal.

HoloLearn will provide the students with the capability of experiencing what they actually learn during the courses via 3D animations and holograms, 360 degrees videos or 3D text descriptions and audio content. The platform will facilitate the creation of connections between the information that is given to the students during the lessons. The latter will enhance the learning experience of the students and it is expected to improve their learning curve over time. Through the HoloLearn mobile application, the students will be allowed to educate themselves via the Hands-On-Training sessions (HOT training) that their teachers will have designated in advance. Furthermore, collaboration between students will be made feasible, each student by using her own tablet/smartphone.

The project will create added value by also providing a unique administration platform for creating new educational scenes via simple user interfaces. The author of the scene (i.e., the teacher or the leader of a student group) will be allowed to upload multimedia content and correlate such content with a QR-code that is automatically generated by the platform leading to the URL of the content. This way, it will be easy for the author to script a number of subsequent scenes and let the students “play” with them by just printing the QR-codes. Also, the administration platform will generate additional motivation for the creation of digitized educational content that is currently very limited.

Introductory learning sessions will be materialized through a properly structured and populated administration platform, which will allow assigned teachers and officers to become acquainted with the fundamentals of a learning session. Trainees and students with a busy schedule will also be able to undertake the learning sessions in their home. E-learning and mobile learning is structured around a certain multidisciplinary curricula involving courses, medical and psychology aspects that may affect the learning curve of trainees. Courses will be made available to trainees of different audiences in a media-rich form.

The HoloLearn mobile framework will come in the form of an Augmented Reality (AR) application, which will overlay warnings, explanatory text, 3D models, or videos to their viewport of the learning “stage”. Such applications will be deployed in tablets and smartphone devices, which will retrieve material from the network.

HoloLearn project constitutes a great opportunity for Intellia to join the education and learning communities that call for adaptable and multimedia platforms all the more. The company plans to commercially exploit the project outcomes into a wide range of educational domains.