The more we gather around a social table, the stronger we will be. Our mission is to create a culinary community hub of culture and inclusion where we welcome guests and cook for them donated surplus food. We want to strengthen communities and create awareness on sustainability by serving fresh, quality food to people in need at a table of a transformed and aesthetically designed space.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

We're willing to tackle food waste in the area by cooking and serving surplus food given by various food businesses in the District. We're targeting local restaurants, any B&Bs and all sort of local, food businesses that sell food, to take part in our challenge. We'd like to educate the local community in sustainable gastronomy and change mindsets on food usage through synergies, collaborations, events and digital innovation. Our vision is to tackle food waste by serving surplus food through a creative, culinary way to people who struggle with hunger and food insecurity.
Practically what we're interested in doing so, is to empower the local community to fight food waste through gastronomy and social inclusion. Our aim is to encourage public, private and non-profit organisations to collaborate with us to both create and sustain a community culinary hub and promote an alternative approach to building a series of events under the project's umbrella by engaging professionals from different fields.
We're not interested in creating a charity project but a cultural one by combining hospitality, arts and gastronomy. Practically, we're willing to involve professionals from different fields who share their creativity, skills and expertise with us to make our project impactful and inspiring to others. We want to highlight the value of what is abandoned and neglected and celebrate its potential.
Our proposed solution has never been implemented in Greece before. We've witnessed various one-off events, but nothing similar has already organised before. Similar projects (as social kitchens) have been organised abroad and the challenges we might come across are many, such as lack of funding and support by local authorities and volunteers.