Video-board games, a new way of making community

A solution by Fly Games submitted to A board game for community development

Our solution consists on a new concept of game we have called video-board game: it consists of a board game that is played in combination with an app-based videogame. Plus, our solution provides a video-game maker, that allows to design a complete new game using some types of challenges the maker provides. Or just remake the existing game with new questions, contents and challenges.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

There are two types of board game players: the ones who play them, and the ones who design them. The first type can enjoy more or less playing board games as one more leisure activity to do in their spare time, but the second type is a passionate of board gaming. Enjoys playing as much as designing and as much as seeing how other people enjoy playing the game he has designed. He becomes a recruiter of players to play his or her game, and also will ask the players what improvements they think can be applied to the original idea, making them this way co-designers of the game. This is why we think this is the best way to create a strong and fast spreading community around board gaming.

Our solution is not just a board game (Wisdomini), but also a ‘board game maker’: Wisdomini-Maker, that will allow anyone to make his own board-game, with his own questions and other challenges.

In our solution we include three different kinds of tools:

A. The classical board game (Wisdomini) you propose in your call, with its usual physical elements (dices, meeples, cards…). It does not need an app to be played.

B. A board-game that is played combined with an app to be downloaded via smartphone or tablet. It works like this: depending on the square of the board game the meeple has landed on, the player touches the appropriate icon shown in the screen of the app, and the app will show one question/challenge or another. There are different ways of playing:

- Mono version: one single smartphone with one single app is used with the board game, and the mobile with the app is shared by the players in turns. This suits to kids who have no easy access to more than mobile or tablet. This version does not need internet connectivity, but it needs more physical elements than the normal version.
- Normal version: each player will play with his own app installed in his own mobile. The only physical elements needed are the board game and the meeples. Also, that for teens it’s more fun. It needs internet connectivity.
Also the is a kid’s version (until 12), and a version in English.

C. A Board Game Maker: Wisdomini-Maker. It is an app connected to a web interface, through which a person can write his or her own questions and other challenges to create a new game, which will be based on the theme he or she decides (i.e. gender equality, job seeking skills, etc). The types of challenges that now includes Wisdomini-Maker are:
a. Completing a missing word in a sentence
b. Explaining the meaning of a sentence.
c. Answering an open question
d. Answering a multiple-choice question
The game Wisdomini (Tool ‘A’ described above) has other 2 types of challenges:
a. Saying how you would solve with wisdom a conflict situation of real life
b. Invent a story that completes a conflict situation so that it can be solved with one of the 40 wisdom heroes included in the game (each hero brings a particular teaching).

However, we propose A.R.T. Fusion to create a new version of Wisdomini-Maker that best adapts to the needs of your project, and that allows to play the ‘High profile designer role’ that is described below, as this solution will have 2 different profiles for the ‘game designer’ role:

1. Low profile designer: designer of contents. He will introduce the text of the challenges and questions via web, getting a code that the players will introduce in their app ‘Wisdomini-Maker’ to play the game with the contents he created.

2. High profile designer: designer of contents + designer of rules + designer of graphic elements + designer of the storyline. Works similarly to the Low-profile option, only that here the designer is actually designing a complete board game but making a limited investment: manufacturing the board game, meeples and box. The designer will select which types of challenges will be played and will write its contents. Each type of challenge (for example, open question) is identified in the Maker by a characteristic colour. He will then have to design his or her board game with squares that have the characteristic colours of the challenges he or she has selected.

The actors that would need to be involved for this challenge are people willing to play something new, potential board game designers, and educators who can write educative contents for new games or guide other designers.

So far, we have developed 8 videogames (Mirror, Archetypes, Wisdómini, Emparchís, We are Animals, Creative Animal, Arreit, City Watch) and one videogame-maker (Wisdómini).
Espejo, Archetypes, and Emparchís have been tested so far in 5 High Schools (over 500 students), whereas Wisdomini Maker has been tested in one (20 students), and Creative Animal has been tested by over 50 university students.

City Watch is a game made for Madrid Government to raise awareness against gender violence, that is now being revised by the government, prior to it being disclosed.

There are no competitors to our specific solution as far as we have investigated.