Online educational video platform

A solution by isac/volani submitted to Izibac: learning made fun

Creating a dynamic online video content platform, based on the school curriculum for the Romanian baccalaureate exam.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

We aim in creating a dynamic online video content platform, which represents the digitization of classic school lessons in a short, condensed and graphic video format, perfectly suited for the minds and needs of the young generation of students.

This comes as a response to the low qualification percentage for the baccalaureate exam that we have witnessed in the last years in Romania. There are many reasons why this occurred, to name a few: boring class room lessons, unmotivated and underpaid teachers, outdated teaching methods which do not resonate anymore with today’s high school pupils. Private tuition has become one of the ways students reinforce the school curriculum in one-on-one sessions with teachers. This method, although efficient in a certain way, is expensive and only a small percent of the total number of high school students can benefit from this. 

By offering an alternative to the classical teaching system that schools in Romania still use today, education will become far more accessible and cheaper via the internet. Students will be able to complete their studies on certain subject matters in their spare time, by simply watching a series of videos of a teacher explaining and teaching lessons from the curriculum in a visual and easy to grasp manner. The videos will have different teachers for each domain of study, so that the student can choose which style of teaching best fits his or her unique cognitive ability. In addition to this, the overall format of the videos will include motion graphics elements and animations, which will make the learning paradigm even easier and more fun. 

To put this into practice, we need to acquire some high-end video equipment (camera, lights, lenses, tripod, sliders, microphones, greenscreens etc), a powerful rendering PC or laptop where we can edit the videos and additional editing software. On each shooting day for a set of video lessons, after putting together the required video gear, we must further employ the services of a camera operator, an editor and a motion graphics artist. Beyond this, depending on the individual shooting requirements, we might rent a studio and acquire a mini-van for transportation issues. 

The educational videos available today on internet video platforms and provided by content creators all over the world have grown in popularity in the last couple of years. Video tutorials quickly became an effortless learning device for the youth, with learning channels on YouTube and other new media platforms developing into a somewhat parallel educational system.