The mood gateway

A solution by SARL Hubert CHEVALIER submitted to Pack Services – Espace Senior

The program will help from the beginning of the research and development process, to the realization and the validation of a first offer concept. In a second step, the mood gateway will then be tested with users, in connection with the professionals service. The ambition of this project is an international deployment, in response to a societal need to prevent the isolation of people over 60.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

• Which need/challenge are you addressing with your solution?
The society is confronted with the global process of ageing of the population. Numerous solutions of support are proposed by social services for the isolated elderly. They join the people who express a request for assistance. Unfortunately most cases go undetected : young retired people, separate people, people from whom the family is far away, people who return home following hospitalization without particular care …

• How your solution aims to satisfy that need in practical terms?
The recent precariousness, the loss of the usual social link, the solitude trigger among some of them a withdrawal and an entrance to the vicious circle of the isolation and the fear of relationship with others.
It is therefore necessary that services, recognized by the weakened people as reliable and thrustworthy, can come to meet them.
This delicate and non-intrusive approach will be realized thanks to an connected object, left available for voluntary people in their own homes.
The object will allow the isolated user to indicate in a simple way the indication of its humor. It can realize this index by having for landmark the indicator of the day before (Am I better or worse than yesterday?), as one does on a classic barometer.
The object will allow feedback every day to the identified departments the information of the mood of the day and to estimate the necessity of intervening.

• What are the implications of implementing your solution? Which actors need to be involved? Are there any competitors? If yes, why are you different?
The Post office, the social services, are identified as reliable actors, who meet the needs of the population and who propose services. Thanks to a proximity relationship, without notion of emotional values with the isolated people (It answers well the problems of the isolated people who do not dare to disturb their relatives during mood swings) They are legitimate to suggest to isolated people agreeing to participate in this initiative. The HUBERT CHEVALIER SARL designs and develops products taking into account requirements and ergonomics necessary for the composed problems for several years.

• The solution has been already tested and deployed in another context (geographical or sectorial)? If so, what are the strengths and weaknesses you identify that could help you in scaling it into a new context?
The solution was not spread because it must first be developed. This solution is a real innovation of services. She can get closer to a risk prevention approach and to an improvement of the quality of life in society.
The SARL wishes to develop a prototype which will allow to highlight the need, the relevance of the technical solution provided and the reliability of the data feedback necessary for a good resolution of the issue. After this phase of appropriation and use, it will then be necessary to undertake a complete development process of the product with a “design thinking” process.