Go on holidays with your handicap

A solution by Mobee Travel submitted to Tourism for all

The first holidays platform entirely dedicated for people with disabilities

(Pitched: 13/04/2018)

One Page Summary

Holidays platform entirely dedicated to people with disabilities. We guarantee accessible holiday homes / resorts / hotels…. and provide with all the services directly linked to the Handicap on site (medical aid, adapted furniture, transports, etc…).

We carefully select the seasonal rentals thanks to the French State label (Tourisme & Handicap) and thanks to our ambassadors (who are themselves disabled) who visit and control the rentals. So far 90% of our offer is in France and for French speaking persons. The demand for Europe is growing. Besides on the mid term (2 years) we hope to become the leader of the French inbound seasonal rentals.

An adapted seasonal rental is not sufficient enough to make the most of the holidays. People with disabilities need also some specific care while on site. We provide such services in France for French people (thanks to our French National Health Care) at no extra cost.