TUR4all international accessible tourism platform

A solution by TUR4all submitted to Tourism for all

TUR4all, “Accessible Tourism for All”, is a collaborative platform (Mobile App and Web Page) where everyone is able to provide feedback about tourism establishments, resources and services based on accessibility for all.

(Pitched: 14/04/2018)

One Page Summary

In a joint initiative, Fundación Vodafone España and PREDIF, in collaboration with Fundación Vodafone Portugal and Accessible Portugal, converged on the idea of launching the first accessible tourism platform managed by accessibility experts.

TUR4all is a dynamic platform that provides information on accessible tourism resources in Spain and Portugal and it is expected that other countries will soon come on board. Our aim is to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the accessibility of hotels, restaurants, museums and monument, adapted transport, among others.

Up until 2016, all tourism resources published in TUR4all were reviewed by accessibility experts. As of 2017, users have been able to add new resources themselves by completing an accessibility evaluation survey. TUR4all has essentially become a collaborative platform where both users and experts can evaluate, allocate a score and add comments about the accessibility of tourism establishments.

Furthermore, it acts as a promotional channel for accessible tourism establishments and destinations. Through strategic alliances, such as the one signed with Accessible Portugal in 2017, TUR4all aims to become an international platform, to act as a local partner network across multiple countries to improve accessible tourism in each respective country and around the world. It also wants to provide people with accessibility needs a greater degree of confidence when planning their trips.