Vaga Demprego

A solution by Cabeça na Lua submitted to Employment for young people

Six young people with academic skills are experiencing their first day of work in different industrial company.

(Pitched: 11/04/2018)

One Page Summary

The direct and personal contact with the target made it easier to ask the question: what do they think about industry nowadays? We heard opinions. Opinions given today but seemed to have been given twenty years ago. So we want to make the difference in this difficult challenge of changing mindsets.

We will not take all the young people to the companies and show them that the general opinion is wrong. No! The solution is to bring the industry to young people with academic skills, through online platforms where they feel comfortable. So later, on their own initiative they will want to be part of that industrial ecosystem. To be successful in this hard mission, we have the help of social media and our ability to create excellent digital content.

Vaga Demprego is not only a portrait of the industry today, but also the beginning of a good relationship between Águeda and young graduates.