The Sensitive Mood box

A solution by SNOC submitted to Pack Services – Espace Senior

The simplest way to collect the state of mind of isolated aging people and to warn a relative or a professional to provide a good watch.

(Pitched: 05/04/2018)

One Page Summary

The elderly population is growing year after year. Much of them are left alone and isolated by the evolution of our societal patterns. Two thirds of this population no longer receive regular visits, giving way to a growing depression. In addition, this generation of people does not dare to ask for help or annoy their neighbors or relatives ... Being able to collect in a simple and daily way the state of mood of these people remains a simple way to have a return on their level of distress and being able to implement a support as simple as a visit from an accredited person. The majority of this population is not very comfortable with technologies, so a simple object with a familiar use is a must.
Today, new technologies in the field of IOT opens possibilities that can answer this problem in a sustainable way.

What we offer is a touch box consisting of a sleek object made of natural materials built with high-end technologies to report his mood through a single touch and with a visual and audible feedback taking into account the iteration.