Open-Innovation for Collaborative Research

A solution by Be-novative submitted to Collaborative Research

Be-novative - An open innovation platform empowering communities to generate breakthrough ideas together and support collaborative research

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

The Be-novative – Open Innovation for Collaborative Research is addressing the Budapest challenge of that is published as ‘Developing a tool or service that supports collaborative RRI with and for local society in Hungary in order to enhance social innovation towards ecological sustainability and social justice.’ The main problem is that the current ecosystem of research and innovation is not effective enough in solving the biggest challenges of humanity. In order to create collaborative research-driven projects, the diverse actors are needed to be connected in an effective way that ensures them space where they could think and act together. Also, there is a lack of a tool that is inclusive and transparent but also supports process facilitation and project implementation.

Be-novative’s project is aiming at driving a process that unites collective creativity, participative problem definition and analysis with collaborative project creation.