Platform Back Office released to City Editors

(Published: 10/08/2017)
Today we released a slew of features to allow the platform's "City Editors" to prepare their City subsites for the launch next month.

Each City Editor is responsible for the local content and community within their respective Cities. As of today, they can create all of the content they need to get their city ready for September, including:

  • creating news articles (like this one) and calendar items
  • creating organisation and people profiles on behalf of others, and then 'handing them over' to the respective people
  • creating challenges for organisations, and linking the challenges to its Owners and Sponsors 


  • a few more features to allow City Editors to manage their Cities' home page
  • everything needed for the September relaunch, including a complete relaunch of the upper level
  • a redesign of the site navigation and stylesheet